We are...

Julie Rechtien and Brittany Boynton. Two girls/artists/biz ladies on a mission to make everything we (and you) love into cute lil buttons. 

Check out this interview for more on how we got started and what tunes inspire us (spoiler alert: a lot of Toto).

From the Lou and we're proud.

We press all of our buttons by hand right in the middle of the United States. We are consistently inspired by hometown heroes Nelly, Mark McGwire, the Dirt Cheap Chicken, and the Carol House Twins and we are proud members of Cardinals Nation.

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What button you wear says a lot. People can immediately tell if they might have something in common with you. They may detect a personality quirk that intrigues them, they might even be able to tell whether or not you’re worth bothering with.
— CREEM Magazine, May 1980