Being from a 2-star small town south of St. Louis, I have always wanted to see NYC. Like “Be a part of it” ;). I’m slightly embarrassed to say that it took my little brother moving and letting me crash at his Washington Heights apt to get me there. I visited for three days in May and it was just as magical as I had always thought. I spun around and looked at the buildings like Carrie Bradshaw a lot. Read on for the highlights and lowlights of my trip:

HL: Shake Shack

So good. Closest to eating a cartoon burger I’ve ever gotten. Cute branding. 5 stars.

HL: Upright Citizens Brigade

We attended a 9pm “Law and Order” inspired show. I was filled with excitement when the show started and my fave Vine star, CONNER O’MALLEY was performing. Aidy Bryant’s soulmate. He was so hilar. I really wanted to give him my “lil baby Aidy” button but he disappeared into the darkness after the show. That’s fine.

HL/LL: Trying to see SNL

I’d heard that it’s nearly impossible to snag SNL tickets, but I was overwhelmed with optimism fueled by drinks and the NYC air and feeling YOLO so I forced my cronies to get a cab to 30 Rock. When we arrived at midnight, the Friday before, there were already 200+ humans waiting for the Andrew Garfield episode. I stood there, wearing my appropriate SNL-related buttons…sad. But then we got to run around the inside of abandoned 30 rock somehow and it was really fun.


After our SNL attempt, we went to my bro’s fave: Otto’s. It was fairly small, had a campy Voodoo/tiki theme, cray floral wallpaper, babes in bands in jackets, and a DJ spinning the best 80s pop and new-wavey hits. THE BEST HITS. I handed out buttons, we took shots with strangers, and danced the night away. 5 stars.

LL: The Bootlegger Trains

"Don’t get on there…it’s a bootlegger train" my brother warned as I saw this yellow train come down the tracks much slower than the regular trains. Though most of them are pranksters and will just let you off at the next stop, some of them are more dangerous as they will take you somewhere CRAZY. NYC isn’t always a walk in the park.

HL: The Knitting Factory

Went to coolest Brooklyn bar where they have a stand up show every Sunday night. Man was I lolling. My fave was Janelle James, though everyone was super good. However, we happened to go the one night that Hannibal Burress, who is there almost weekly, was out of town. Boo. Next time…


The cheesy idea of so much diversity and togetherness making you feel all special inside was real, the idea of everyone being cranky assholes was not. Strangers were very kind to me everywhere. Especially when I gave them free buttons. 5 stars.


Words by Brittany Boynton, the blonde half of B'nB. Find more @brittanymichelletanner on Instagram.