Passport to Paris was every young girl of the 1990’s first taste of European culture. We followed our twin role models as they discovered foreign food, art, language, and most importantly FOREIGN BOYS. Amidst dinners of foie gras, befriending a world famous super model, and getting into a little trouble; the Olsen’s opened up our minds to the wonders of riding through a big city on the backs of pubescent boys’ mopeds at the tender age of 13.

The girls are older now, and so are we. Many of us have probably visited Paris ourselves and been slightly (if not greatly) disappointed that there was no baguette sword fight atop the shoulders of a cute flower delivery boy. But, here’s to hoping, and here’s to popping in that classic VHS and grabbing a nice bottle of French Cabernet as you relive the wonder and excitement of Mary Kate and Ashley’s “Passport to Paris.”

Take a sip:

Anytime there are subtitles. Two drinks if they are in Comic Sans.

Anytime one of the girls is wearing a bandana.

Anytime the girls refer to Jeremy as “J-Man.”

Anytime you see the Eiffel Tower.

Get 'em  here . 

Get 'em here

Anytime you see or hear “baguette.”

Anytime Mel and Al get in trouble.

Anytime the Butler has food or drink on his face.

Anytime the girls speak French.

Anytime someone gets “jinxed.”


And, finally:

Finish your glass as the twins solve the French water crisis. 


Words by Julie Rechtien, the brunette half of B'nB. Find more @julieisamerican on Instagram.