Aud's Onion Ring Reviews

NOTE: I did not grow up liking onion rings. I only recently got into onion rings, just like I only recently got into jalepeño poppers

Here is a guide to the best fast food onion rings.


Sonic has the best onion rings. Sonic is on the way home from my work. If it was an especially bad (or good) day I will get onion rings. Sometimes if it was just an okay day I will get onion rings. They aren’t soggy, they are soft but still crunchy, and they taste really good. You might feel weird parking at Sonic and having someone rollerblade out to you when you are alone, but you need to get over that.

As Marilyn Monroe once said, “I restore myself when I am alone eating onion rings.”

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Dairy Queen

I never really went to Dairy Queen for food until we stopped there on the way to Florida once. The DQ I went to growing up didn’t have food. It wasn’t a grill & chill, it was just a chill.  I remember the Florida DQ because that country song “I’m a little drunk and need you now,” was playing in the dining room and I loved that moment. Dairy Queen’s onion rings are almost as good as Sonic’s.  They come in a little box instead of a bag and for some reason I am not as into that. I went there on Halloween this year and the drive-thru girl was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.


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Burger King

I don’t know what Burger King’s onion rings are like because I don’t go to Burger King. It’s crazy to me BK still exists. McDonalds runs that game and BK needs to give up. McDonalds doesn’t have onion rings but you still will never catch me in line at a BK. It’s crazy to me.

I made this one in Photoshop.


Apparently Hardee’s has onion rings but I don’t go to Hardee’s because the man’s voice on the commercials doesn’t sound like he wants me to.

Photoshop. It is the same onion ring just flipped.

Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box allegedly has onion rings but I’ve never seen them on the menu. I know they have jalepeño poppers and at this point in my life I won’t do both at once. Poppers over everything right now, so I’ve also never had onion rings from Jack In The Box.  

Photoshop. The onion ring is upside down now.


Auddawg is our #WCE and resident onion ring expert. She is the founder of the #myvibefriday social movement - follow her on Twitter rn.

Auddawg is our #WCE and resident onion ring expert. She is the founder of the #myvibefriday social movement - follow her on Twitter rn.