The best gifts provide an experience. I’ve created these gift kits where you can give one item or all items, depending on your budget. They include some of my most beloved possessions and most of this stuff is available online. Almost all of these items are available on Amazon Prime too, so you can wait until the last minute.

The Kardashian Starter Kit

I always say: the secret to gift giving is to give someone something they wouldn't buy for themselves. Every She, He, and Ze is curious about Kylie Jenner's lipkit. It arrives beautifully packaged, with a "handwritten" note from Kylie herself. This box is the perfect vessel to create a Kardashian Starter Kit for your loved one. Once the lipkit arrives, go to Dollar Tree and get other items that align with the Kardashian brand. Fake nails, fake eyelashes, a mini picture frame for Khloe's mugshot, etc. Put it all in the Kylie Lipkit Box and tie a ribbon around it. If your loved one is really special, include Kim Kardashian’s photo book, Selfish.

The Weekender Kit

This kit will give anyone a good day off. It’s all items they’ll use again and again, whether they’re traveling or just going to the park for a picnic. Anyone who knows me knows that I stay in my Zella Live In Leggings. They are great quality and the fabric doesn't even thin where my thighs rub together. These leggings absolutely live up to their name. Also, they are available in a range of sizes. This is unlike LuLuLemon, whose founder once said of their leggings, "They don't work for certain women's bodies." Everybody needs a solid go-to pair of leggings, even people larger than a size twelve. To make this the full weekender gift kit, pair with a blanket, water bottle, crew neck sweatshirt, duffle bag or grocery gift card.  

The Multi-tasker Kit

Wires are disgusting to look at! The Roku Stream Stick is the best option. If your TV has an HDMI input, you can just stick the Roku stick in and it's unseen. There are other brands that make similar ones, I just have the Roku one. The second thing to complete this gift kit is a 10 foot iPhone charger. That way, your friend can have their eyes on as many screens as possible and not have the anxiety of losing battery. A true luxury.

Pussy Power Kit

Instagram is the perfect place to find one-of-a-kind gifts from small shops like ButtnBooty ;). That’s where I found these feminist gifts. They are more relevant now than ever. Also, YVNG PEARL is donating 50% to Planned Parenthood right now! This is the perfect gift kit for any nasty woman. 





The #Snapshot Kit

Supply your friend with everything they need to capture the night. My Instax Camera is one of my favorite things. Honestly, buy this one for yourself. I will buy a 20 picture pack of film before every event I host. It soothes my anxiety of losing my pictures in a digital black hole. Also, you can't take a bad photo with these cameras. The lighting is divine every time. If you already have your own, here's another idea: If your friend is hosting a holiday party, a great hostess gift is to take your Instax camera and take snapshots throughout the night. Then, put them all in this Instax Photo Album, and present her with it at the end of the night. It's like an IG hashtag in real life.  

The Long Distance Kit

This one is really easy. At you can send personalized gifts to anyone across the country. You can pick the printed pattern on the box, the photos included and what goes inside. Maybe some champagne gummy bears will ease your long distance love’s pain of being apart on New Year’s Eve. If flights are too expensive to come home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, send your Mom some essential oil and Dad some cocktail bitters. 

All About You Kit

I saw Bella Hadid wearing a name necklace. You can easily get one on Amazon. Literally type in your friend’s name with the word "necklace" or "keychain" or "bottle opener" next to it. You can easily personalize tons of items on Amazon with anything you want. Write something sweet or salty.